Kaya Tekstil structures its patternshop up to today’s technology. The company renovates the equipments with high technology and supports its expert staff’s experiences by following new technologies. Kaya Tekstil prepares the styling and collection computerized according to todays technology.
Our company which applies high quality standards,provides services beyond expectations to the customers .


Kaya Tekstil equipes the cutting section with automatic spreading machines and cutting systems so that can meets numerous product orders.
Kaya Tekstil, performs the controls before,during and after the cutting process and provides services of good quality in time to the customers thanks to their experienced staff and the cutting section equipped with high technology. All the processes from spreading to cutting are carried out with high technology based on automation.


Since 1976 Kaya Tekstil meets the needs of the customers in high sewing quality with the conscious of high quality .
Kaya Tekstil, with its 40 years of experience, performs fast and serial manufacturing with powerful machinery of its sewing workshop in accordance with request.
Kaya Tekstil has a manufacturing facility in compliance with European standards in terms of sanity and safety.
Thanks to their regular employee training, Kaya Tekstil attained to the high quality sewing and production and standardised that as company policy.


In production and collection, Kaya Tekstil carries out dyeing in piece and denim washing process in cooperation with the partners which working with global brands and proven themselves in the field of research, development, fast service and quality production.
Upon customers request Kaya Tekstil carries out high quality standards as in every phase and performs all the necessary controls for non-use of the harmful and restricted dye and chemicals in order to protect human and enviromental health.


Thanks to studious controls executed by the experienced staff of Kaya Tekstil, without needing any additional procedure, products are made suitable for store merchandising with high quality guarantee. Kaya Tekstil receives appreciation of many customers in the field of packaging service.